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[摘要]原题如下:In recent years, pressure of students in university is increasing and they are pushed to work hard from a young age Do you think it is a positiv外语>雅思英语



In recent years, pressure of students in university is increasing and they are pushed to work hard from a young age. Do you think it is a positive or negative development? 20170819


Many people especially some students and their parents cannot help themselves complaining that students are suffering from incredible stress in college. In fact, what they ought to know is that stress in ivory towers is fairly necessary for those students to face their future life in our severely competitive society.


Initially, university students in this day and age are being surrounded by a whole variety of distractions like online games and hit TV dramas. Pressure can greatly help them get rid of the disturbance caused by those distractions since it is always thought to be motivation that can drive students concentrate on their study other than other useless entertaining stuffs. With motivation, those students can grasp more knowledge and be equipped with more employability.


On top of this, students studying under huge pressure can gain skills to cope with stress. Those skills will certainly play irreplaceable and considerable roles in their future life and career. Without any doubt, university graduates to go out into the world will be confronted with far more stress than they used to face in college. There is not enough time for them to get used to it, unless they have already been trained for living with pressure.


Contrarily, excessive pressure will definitely bring those students some possibly adverse influence like insomnia, anxiety and even depression. Notwithstanding, those stumbling blocks are what students have to overcome. In university, with help of teachers and parents, students are more likely to conquer these obstacles to know how to manage stress. Otherwise, after their graduation, they have to face all those barriers on their own, which is of course overwhelmingly difficult for most of them.


In brief, university students will meet pressure in their life sooner or later, so that being plagued by much stress in college seems more rational and positive for students as they can tackle all hardship with useful guidance from teachers and parents. If not, how arduous their future life will be might be out of our imagination.




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